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Maybe you're worried your followers will judge you for selling to them...

And you wanna market your service in a way that FEELS GOOD and authentic!

...Does it take you forever to get a post just "right"?

Oh girl, I've got you covered.

You KNOW you could nail it on Instagram IF you knew what the heck to post... And if it didn't take so dang long! 

I get it...

Pretty soon, friends will see your Instagram and say "Man, looks like your business is doing amazing lately!"

You can open your IG to comments, clients in your DMs, and viewsss!

Your investment for this program is $997 USD


This is the only program you need to get clients from IG

I created
Magic Marketing Machine to help business owners like you look amazing on IG!

I created Magic
Marketing Machine to help business owners like you
look amazing on IG!

You want a repeatable strategy that tells you what to post, and when.

You want someone to look at your posts and tell you how to make 'em stronger.

You want a FAST process, so you can put your phone down and live your life.

Set big beautiful business goals!

Lock down Instagram-specific goals (like hitting 10K followers) and choose BUSINESS goals to work toward (like selling-out your services!)

Plus, hear what most businesses do wrong with their website links that limits the clicks you get!



Discover what you actually need to know about the IG Algorithm and hear exactly how to get more engagement with the Engagement Attractors Strategy!

Use our 15 minute daily engagement routine, so you can network with leads, then put your damn phone down for the rest of the day!



Streamline your posting process with our 3 step batch content system!

Automate your posts with LATER, so your posts keep marketing your biz even when you're sick or on vacation.

We make Later (a super-intuitive scheduling platform) a breeze with clear video tutorials.



Brand your biz voice and vibe so your IG looks cohesive and professional! Build your basic brand kit, with colours, fonts and style

Write a client-attracting bio that makes leads smash 'follow'.

Create the 7 Canva Templates You Need To Have so you can make graphic posts lightening fast!⚡️

BONUS: Watch Gorgeous Graphics, our most successful bonus training, to discover simple design tips that make your Canva graphics 100x more beautiful. 



This is a juicy life-changing module! Create a consistent content strategy so you always know what to post, every day of the week!

Then systematize your strategy so you've got a PLAN on how to make and manage that content super efficiently.



Find the perfect hashtags for your business, to help you get bonus eyes on all your posts. 👀

Use our "Hashtags In One Click System" (my top secret trick for saving your hashtags in Later so you can add them to your posts in a single click)

Never waste time fumbling for hashtags on your phone.



Use Reels; to get followers!

How-To Film and Store your B-Roll (and B-Roll ideas)

Watch a complete Guide to Talking Head Reels, along with clear action steps so you can make reels with ease.

Hook-Formulas, and Editing Tutorials to eliminate everything stopping you from making hundreds of amazing videos!



In this massive module you'll use the Convince Correct and Convert Formula to write posts that get you clients!

Marketing psychology, and marketing tactics you'll use on everything you write on and off IG, forever.

Copywriting tips that will immediately improve your writing skills.

Copy posts that sell templates/formulas proven to convert clients.




Your investment for
this program is $997 USD

Your investment for this program is $997 USD


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Plus, learn from other industry experts in
your free BONUS BUNDLE!

  • Messaging Makeover hone in on your messaging and niche and write a brilliant elevator pitch with Business Coach, TaVona Denise

  • Land Leads with LinkedIn to help you nab clients on an another platform,

  • Intro to Facebook Ads with a professional ads expert so you know exactly when you're ready to experiment with paid ads (and how to prepare for that in the meantime)

  • Branding and Colour Psychology so the colour choices you make are intentional and persuasive!

  • Professional Phone Photography so you can take gorgeous photos using only your smart phone.

  • Slay instagram Stories and learn the 1 thing you NEED to know to make your Stories rock.


$1600+ Value!



Start writing your success story...

I scheduled my posts, used [Jenna’s] content formula, added hashtags, and that's about it.

I have gotten over 5 inquiries this weekend and have converted all of them into customers…"

"I scheduled my posts, used [Jenna’s] content formula, added hashtags, and that's about it.

I have gotten over 5 inquiries this weekend and have converted all of them into customers…

Start writing your success story...

The marketing strategies you gain in this program will be with you forever

our generous return policy

I’m confident you’ll love it inside this program but I want YOU to be confident too. That’s why we offer a generous return policy

When you enroll, you have 2 weeks to complete the first 2 modules, and come to 2 group Zoom calls. After that, if you’re like “Jenna, I hate it here. I’ve learned NOTHING!” then I’ll be like, no sweat— here’s a full refund. 

Just email before your 2 weeks is up.

Note: To protect our Intellectual Property, this offer is VOID once you've "viewed" or "completed" any materials beyond Module 2, inside the program.

100% Money-back guarantee!


"I'm so shy... Do I have
to be on camera?"

"Will this work
for my biz?"

"What if I can't
make the calls?"

Am I gonna boost your confidence and share tactics to make going on camera easier? Heck yes. But ultimately, no, you don't have to go on camera.

You’ll build a content strategy that works for YOU.

You’ve made it this far, so something in you thinks MMM is for you. I'll be frank: the strategy you'll use to get “clients” is the same one that'll get butts in seats, CEOs on sales calls, or to book commissions. If you sell to people, this program is for you.

No problem! All you need to get RESULTS in MMM is in the online lessons. Calls are gravy!

PLUS, they're recorded each week. You can ask questions without showing up, and get your answer on the recording.


Maybe you don't know *exactly* what offer to prioritize, or who your niche is, yet. That's OK!

Thing is, when you start marketing NOW, you'll have an audience ready to buy when you DO know.

Plus, lessons in the program will give you clarity and you might have answers sooner than you thought...

This is the best thing I've ever done for my business."
-MMM Graduate

You’re ready to grow an audience!

You have a one-to-one service, group program, or custom order biz you wanna GROW 💥

You know you need to post more, and you're ready to commit to showing up for yourself!

You don’t want to be embarrassed about how your biz looks on social media

You want your biz to be taken seriously and make more money

You want a proven formula, an experienced coach and a community to cheer you on!

Is this you?

This is the best thing I've ever done for my business." -MMM Graduate


It's time to grow
your business...

Get personal support on weekly group calls and video feedback on your content

Video feedback on your posts & worksheets 

Use proven marketing tactics to write Posts That Sell the heck outta your service.

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Network with a community of other business owners just like you.

Cheatsheets, templates, and to-do lists to save you shit tons of time.

Know exactly what to post every day with your consistent content strategy!

MEET Your coach:

Hi, I'm Jenna!


Social Media Management Agency Owner

Jenna has worked with businesses across the globe to help them grow their followings and get clients from social media. She leverages her experience in PR and the entertainment industry to help folks create content that entertains and gets seen by the masses.

frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, we've got answers

No sweat! You're not expected to make it to every call.

All calls are recorded and uploaded to our community no later than Friday, so you can always watch a replay.

You don't even need to attend to get personal support! You can also submit a question, and opt to receive personal video feedback instead!

What if I can't make it to a call?

Go for it! That’s what I (Jenna) have! Your MMM strategy will work whether you have a business account, or you want to use your personal account to get clients. If you’re not sure what option is best for you, just ask me on one of our weekly Zoom calls and we can decide what’s best for you!

What if I have a personal IG that I wanna use for my business?

NOW is always the BEST TIME to grow your audience! If you start growing now, you'll have an audience ready to launch your new offer to!

If you WAIT to grow your audience you might end up scrambling to find people to sell it to.

What if I don't know what my offer is yet?

You’ve got questions, we've got answers

Here’s the tea: This isn’t actually an Instagram program. You’re joining a ‘how to get clients from instagram’ program. Use Instagram know-how to get eyeballs on you, then use copywriting, marketing psychology and the unstoppable you-factor to turn those followers into clients. I can promise you this program is packed with marketing skills that are totally transferrable to other platforms and if you dive in and commit to this program today, I believe you’ll be a superior marketer 6 months from now.

I’ve been burned on a course before. How do I know this won’t be the same?

Here's the tea: I can personally promise you this program is packed with marketing skills (that are also totally transferrable to other platforms) and if you dive in and commit to this program today, I am confident you’ll be a superior marketer 6 months from now.

Calls are at least an hour. We often go a bit long, if there are a lot of questions. It’s our priority to make sure you get all your questions answered.

You can submit a piece of content AND a question for the calls every single week, and you'll get personalized support.

How long are calls?

If you’ve made it this far, something in you thinks this program is for you. So let me be frank: the tactics we’ll use to get some ppl “clients” are the same strategies we’ll use to get butts in seats, listeners on podcasts, or to sell your commission-based artwork. If you want to be certain you’re a good fit for the proram, just DM me on Instagram and ask!

What if I have a non-standard "business"?

Unfortunately, no.

The tactics you learn in MMM will help you sell a thing/service/experience.

MMM is not ideal for people who  are involved in affiliate marketing, MLM or Master Resale Rights businesses.

I'm in affiliate marketing, an MLM, or MRR; is this program for me?

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